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Being a Member of SCSA

Dues for the SCSA are $600.00/year for Active Members; $250.00/year for Affiliate Members; $150.00/year for Educational Members and $300.00/year for anesthesiologists in their first year of practice. Residents, Fellows and Retired Members' dues are $0.

Where can I fit in?

There are several ways that a member can participate in the SCSA. You can join the executive committee; attend the annual meeting; sign up to go to the annual ASA Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.; run to serve as an ASA Delegate to the ASA Annual Meeting; run for 2nd VP of the SCSA, which puts you on the leadership track; volunteer to visit the SC State House for advocacy efforts; call or email the officers and Executive Director if you want to participate in any way! We need you to help us be the best specialty society in South Carolina!

Why should I join?

To build your network of colleagues

To protect your practice

To join with others to make your voice heard among legislators, regulators, payers, and more

For fellowship opportunities via regional dinner meetings and the annual meeting

To keep current on the status of the practice of anesthesiology

Member Resources

The SCSA leadership includes the President, President-Elect, 1st VP, 2nd VP, and Secretary/Treasurer. Each officer serves a one year term, except the Secretary/Treasurer who serves a 3 year term.

You can also serve in ASA leadership. SC has 1 ASA Director and 1 Alternate Director.

The SCSA gets 5 delegates to the annual ASA HOD. Additionally, we are able to send 2 residents to the Resident HOD, both in conjunction with the ASA Annual Meeting. 

Make no mistake, those whose agendas are very different from yours make calls and visits to the members of the General Assembly. They do it often and loudly. There are two sides to every story, and you better be telling yours. 

The SCSA executive committee consists of the officers and at least one member from each of the SC Congressional districts, as well as a pain specialist and an MUSC resident.

The SCSA is entitled to 5 delegates to the annual ASA HOD.  Terms are for 3 years.

The ASA Board is made up of directors from each state, with some states having more than one director (due to size of the state).

This person is the contact between the state and the ASA on federal legislative issues.

The SCSA started a political action committee in 2000 and it quickly grew to what is now the largest medical specialty PAC in South Carolina.  Members may contact the SCSAPAC Board Chairman to be nominated to the Board.

The SCSA has an annual meeting in conjunction with the NCSA and the TSA (Tenn.), as well as several executive committee meetings, usually conducted virtually. The business of the SCSA is conducted during the annual meeting.

When all is said and done, legislators respond most to physicians who personally call or visit them.  Your staff and lobbyists can do a lot, but when a physician calls the Senator or House Member, that has the greatest impact.  Make no mistake, all the nurses, optometrists, chiropractors, et al make calls and visits.  You must do it too!  The SCSA needs to know if you know a legislator personally so that we can get you to make a call or visit when the time comes.

This group 'meets' mostly via email and conference calls and they work together on issues with insurance problems and other business related matters.

Your Executive Director and Executive Committee members want to hear from you.  Are we doing it right for you?  Can we help?  Have we missed something?  We want and need to hear from you! Give us a call today (843) 697-3114

Not everyone can or wants to participate with their time, but your dues are an important way to participate. Pay your membership dues today.