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The only organization in South Carolina that advocates expressly for your specialty. The goal of the SCSA is advocating for physician-led, patient-centered, high quality, and cost effective anesthesia care.

The SC General Assembly Adjourned on Thursday, May 11, 2023. 

All bills that did not pass by May 11, 2023 are still 'in play' until May of 2024. The General Assembly meets for 2-year sessions, with 2023 the first of the current 2 years.

A scope expansion bill for nurse practitioners and nurse midwives was introduced by Senator Tom Davis and a companion bill was introduced in the House.

Repeal of the Certificate of Need (CON), passed both the House and the Senate, and was signed into law by the Governor.

After a bitter battle in the SC Senate, the Fetal Heartbeat Bill was passed and signed into law by the Governor. It was promptly challenged in court. The new SC Supreme Court ruled against the challengers, and the law went into effect. 

Repeal of Do Not Compete clauses are still before the General Assembly and likely to be taken up again in the 2024 session.

The control and impact on your practice does not begin and end with the General Assembly. Laws are passed by the Legislature and then they are put into work by the various regulatory bodies, such as LLR, DHEC, the SC Insurance Department and even the Office of the Attorney General.

BCBS, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Comp, MCOs, Commercial Insurance Companies, the SC State Health Plan, etc. combine to make up your bottom line.

The SCSA works to increase, wherever and whenever possible your reimbursement. We meet regularly with the state based payers of Medicaid, BCBS, Workers Comp and SC State Health Plan, and we communicate with various national commercial payers when needed. 

The SCSA was successful this year, with an increase in the Medicaid unit rate. The unit rate was also increased by the SC Workers Compensation Commission after years of work by the SCSA. Both of these payers had not increased our rates in more than 10 years.

The Federal 'No Surprises Act' has changed the game in favor of the insurance industry. Together with the ASA, the SCSA is working to address the unfair advantages being sought out by the health insurance industry. To that end, the IDRC (Independent Dispute Resolution Commission) has been suspended after overwhelming complaints from physicians and other providers who allege abuses in the program. Stay tuned for how and if this will be repaired.

FASA Anesthesiologists in SC

How do I get Involved?

There are several ways that a member can participate in the SCSA! Seek an office position, become an executive committee member, serve as a delegate to the ASA Annual HOD, serve on the SCSAPC Board, attend annual meetings, become a legislative contact, pay your dues, and more!

The SCSA is the only organization in South Carolina that advocates expressly for your specialty.  Unlike many medical societies and organizations, your staff does not represent any other specialties or clients.  This keeps the focus squarely on the issues affecting you, your partners and your patients.

The goal of the SCSA is to ensure the survival of the medical specialty of anesthesiology by applying its resources towards legislativeregulatory and reimbursement advocacy.

If you are an existing member of the SCSA, you may renew your annual, affiliate or educational membership by simply paying your dues.

South Carolina Society of Anesthesiologists

Board of Directors

Officers for 2023-2024

Victoria Ridgeway Pollard, DO, FASA


(803) 434-6151

Brian Thompson, MD, FASA


(864) 430-9983

South Carolina Society of Anesthesiologists

Jennifer Root, MD, FASA

ASA Director for SC

(803) 454-2613

South Carolina Society of Anesthesiologists

Joshua Smith MD, FASA

Immediate Past-President

Michelle Rovner, MD, FASA


Willam Daniel Young, MD, FASA

1st Vice President

Matthew Kofoed, MD, FASA

2nd Vice President


Mailing Address: PO Box 20189, Charleston, SC, 29413

Physician-led, patient-centered care is the safest and most cost-effective model for providing anesthesia care

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