SCSAPAC - The Political Action Committee of the South Carolina Society of Anesthesiologists

What does the SCSAPAC do?

The SCSAPAC works to promote and elect pro-medicine candidates to office.

Why join the SCSAPAC?

Political Action Committees bring together the voices of many to work as one, stronger voice.

Want to Join?

To join the SCSAPAC, send a check made payable to the SCSAPAC, P.O. Box 20189, Charleston, S.C., 29413, or you may make a donation via the PayPal link below.  You may send any amount and may send more than one contribution each year.

The Chairman of the SCSAPAC is Forest Evans, M.D., a board certified anesthesiologist in private practice in Columbia.  To contact Dr. Evans, you may e-mail him at


To find out who gives how much to whom, check out the following website: