ASA Alternate Director’s August Board Report

//ASA Alternate Director’s August Board Report

ASA Alternate Director’s August Board Report

Greetings SCSA members,

I recently attended the ASA Fall Board of Director’s meeting in Chicago and I wanted to update you on several of the things discussed and the action items taken by the Board. But, Before I do… I want to remind you to contribute to our ASAPAC! The calendar year ends Sept. 30th , and if you cannot remember if you have donated, I have attached to the bottom of this report a list of all the SC donors. We have many items on the table on a national level that include continued changes to Medicare and Medicaid funding and spending, as well as Out of Network Billing, and we need to keep our docs front and center, and at the table. Please do your part, and if a spouse wished to donate as well, that is allowed!
The board handbook is divided into four components, Administrative Affairs, Professional Affairs, Scientific Affairs, and Fiscal Affairs. In the Administrative Affairs section is included many sort of housekeeping items such as editorial board nominations, nominations for positions with other organizations that we work with, and other such items. Highlights were Strategic planning methodologies now being implemented for the ASA going forward, additional resources for fighting the Opioid crisis, Perioperative Surgical home engagements, relocation of the ASA DC offices, and a collaboration with the American Collage of Surgeons on studies looking at OR attire. Other areas the ASA is working on is fighting the implementation of the APRN compact in the states, and a task force looking at creating a Patient Bill of Rights. Our Membership numbers are going well, and just this summer a new category has been implemented to recognize those in the ASA who have gone above an beyond with Leadership, Advocacy and Education. This is the Fellow of the American Society of Anesthesiology designation ( FASA). I encourage our members to look into the qualifications and apply! Under the Professional affairs category are some updated practice guidelines (moderate sedation and peripheral neuropathy)and updates to the Ethics Syllabus ( covering organ donation and the new ethical considerations with drug shortages). Under Scientific affairs, the ASA was asked to join the Medical Society Consortium on Climate Change and Health but the board disapproved this request. The ASA was asked to sign on the the updated ACOG statement on non-obstetric surgery during pregnancy, which we did. And finally within Fiscal affairs we approved the modifications made to the ASA 2017 budget, and approved the 2018 budget that will be presented to the ASA HOD in October. And speaking of the HOD in October… The ASA Annual Meeting is coming up October 20-25 in Boston! Any South Carolina ASA member who attends the ASA meeting is invited to come to the Southern Caucus events that will take place on the Saturday of the annual meeting ( 2:30-5) and the Tuesday ( 3-5:30). These are great opportunities to meet other ASA members from the south, to meet the candidates running for election in the ASA, and to hear and debate the issues that are up for a vote in the House.

And finally, I want to thank each of you who have donated to the ASA PAC. The ASA could not do what it does on your behalf without you.
Jennifer Root, MD, FASA

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